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About Medcura



Medcura is a successful staffing company in the healthcare industry. The company was founded in the year of 2009. Medcura hire and recruit doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff. Our services covers everything from providing private and public health care companies and organisations with occasional substitutes for the day to staff entire departments, units and surgical teams.


From our headquarters in central Stockholm, we are responsible for assignments to both municipalities, counties and a large number of private providers from Umeå in the north to Malmö in the south.


Medcuras business plan is:


“We provide competent and responsive staff to caregivers who conduct thorough and effective care.”

Our success factors and characteristics are within:
• Personal contact
• Quick handling
• Commitment
• Loyalty
• A good employee care




You can reach us day or night, work days as well as weekends. Our expert service staff are always there to help you. All our consultants have a very broad experience of healthcare staffing in order to receive and process your request in the best way. With our combined expertise and experience, we complement each other.




We believe that a prerequisite to deliver the services we provide with pride, is that we work with continuity as one of our strongest guiding principles. In the process of placing the “right person in the right place”, the identification and understanding of our clients needs, desires and expectations are of the utmost importance.


Follow up


Medcura strive to have a direct and continuous follow-up dialogue with our customers. Getting feedback on how we as a supplier meet our clients’ expectations in terms of expertise, quality and service is an important part of Medcuras quality work.


Our business is based on long-term and mutual trust in a close collaboration with our customers. The goal of our work is to satisfy our customers’ needs and exceed the expectations of completed assignments. We care about our employees and want everyone to feel engaged and to take pride in their work.


We have a steady and stable growth, and we look forward to a continued positive development together with our customers and employees.