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Are you a nurse? Then you are in demand on the job market!


Medcura, your new personal and employer.
We at Medcura have extensive experience in staffing for the health care sector. Our services covers everything from providing private and public health care companies and organisations with occasional substitutes for the day to staff entire departments, units and surgical teams.


We are an employer who appreciates your skills and can offer a variety of assignments across the country. You choose where and when you want to work! We at Medcura know it’s important to have a close and personal contact with our consultants. All consultants have their own consulting manager who knows who you are, your specialties and what requirements you have. As a consultant with us you will not have to explain who you are every time you call.


Want to work as locum doctor or relay doctor?


Medcura is the obvious choice for those who are locum doctors. We are actively working to be the best employer on the market. We achieve this by offering the highest possible service and exciting assignments all over the country with great opportunities for you who are looking to broaden your experience or take a new step in your career. This means that you can choose from a wide range of assignments in all specialties in both public and private care. We offer short and long term temporary positions in all possible areas. All depending on what suits you best.


We want you to enjoy your work situation


We are very concerned about our employees and their work situation. We know that enjoying your work place is important for your performance. This, combined with a high level of service, gives you as an employee at Medcura the opportunity to fully focus on performing a good job. We take care of the rest!




Salaries and wages


Medcura can often offer higher levels of compensation than other staffing companies. We have a small and efficient organization. You always have a personal contact with us.


Medcura is open around the clock


Medcura is always on call. Many of our employees work evenings and weekends. We know that issues can arise even outside office hours. Therefore we always a person who can answer your questions – around the clock, 365 days a year. Call +46 8-41001314 and you’ll quickly be in touch with us!


Your personal pages online


All of Medcuras employees have their own login to their personal pages online. Once logged in, you can fill out your time report, indicate when you are available for new assignments in the future, download administrative documents, etc.