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We have many years of experience working with recruitment in the health care sector both as consulting managers and staffing managers. In other words, we know how health care is organized in Sweden, what the carer takers requirements are and how we find the right person for the right job; we know what is required from all angles. Through Medcura you can hire expertise personell in all health care professions, both for short and longer time commitments.


• Personal assistants

• Assistant nurses

• Registered nurses

• Surgical Nurses

• Anesthesia Nurses

• Doctors


Pay only for what you need
With our help you get better control of your costs. Through effective, affordable and flexible staffing solutions part of your permanent personnel costs you will be able to adjust based on your needs.
Hire a consultant from us and get a more even workload – felixble and cost-effective.


Contact us for a price estimate

Book an appointment with us by calling +46 8-41 00 13 14 or fill in an inquiry below and we will contact you within 24 hours.

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